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I used to have 2 litters a year and kept puppies myself in most of them. Those days are gone now (2024 as I write) I don`t train as much as before, number of dogs are decreasing, and also there are so many new kennels now and a crowded puppymarked opposed to a few years back.
I don`t get younger but as long as the health is good, I will keep a number of siberians still as they are my life, but I have not many breeding females left so siberian litters will be very limited..  I plan for some yakutian laika litters in future

Nay-La-Chee dogs adapt very well to life as a familydog, but I sell only to active people who likes to be outside and will provide enough stimulation and knows the responsibility of being a siberian owner when it comes to preydrive, exercise etc..
They are wonderful dogs, but not a dog for everyone. I want to know a bit about  people who require dogs from me. Livingconditions, dogexperience and what use is planned for the dog.How much time do you have to spend with the puppy when it arrives.
You are welcome to visit the pups while they grow up, that is good soscialization when *strangers* come to visit

Majority of breedingstock has Ck`s  or Certs on shows, NLC has numerous HPs in Breeders class.
(I don`t race LD myself so try to use outside males that are proven in this)
My breedingstock has been eyechecked since 1997 and I prefer to use males from
breeders that also eyecheque.

I did not race for a number of years as training enough involves so much
these days and are very costly..
So my dogs are recreational dogs from racing lines and I regularly used raceproven males owned by others..
I sometimes put out females on breedingterms, the pup are then not payed for and I get one litter back if she is worth breeding. This agreements are only interesting with sledding-homes.

Puppies are delivered no earlier than 8 weeks. They grow up inside at least up to 5 weeks- after that it depends of size of litter...They are taken regularly inside, also 1 at the time. So they are used to indoor life, but not housebroken. I also take them for car drives before delivering and walk in the forest and around shopping center. To prepare them littlebit for whats coming. They are properly dewormed, vaccinated against Parvo, microchipped with chip from Norsk Dyreidentitet, and comes with a healthcertificate and contract from NKK.
Puppies come with some of the food they are used to, puppycollar and a leash.

I try to update puppypages on Facebook once a week so that future *parents* who live too far away to visit can see them grow on pictures.

I  have never promised who get`s which puppy too early. as it takes time to see
how they develope anathomicly and tempramentwise.
I have very rarely adult dogs available.If so, they mostly go to people I know. Also I help if a dog from my breeding should happen to need a new home. Luckily that does nt happen very often.
Pictures/presentation of studd dogs used by Nay-La-Chee




Most likely no litters this year, possibility with Ildico beginning of next year

My first Yakutian Laika litter from 2021

Corvus boys Ørnulf, Kraaken and Korpi from Nayakx Ravn  2012
Nay-La-Chee s come in most versions:)



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