Outside studs used by Nay-La-Chee

Sibekki Fly Winnie of The Pooh
(Chimgi Tura Zhi x Arctic Travel Doidu Kiergele)
Winnie is bred in Russia and imported by kennel Liinika Stamm
I had the pleasure to have him her for some days and he is such a pleasent, kind dog. He is a quiet yakutian without guard instinct and is 100% trustable off leash. He run in a team of yakutians
Health: HD A, AD 0 Eyes Clear Gonio clear

(Indian Tribe s Huskys Wapi x Vikerkollens Dm Troika)

Ole is bred and owned by Erik Meinhardt and Nici Sütterlin.
He is main leader in Eriks openteam. They train for long distance and do a lot of mountain training. He has finished Norway Trail x 2, Gruveløpet, Rørosløpet x 2,  Dørstokkmila. His last season they miled 4000 kmtrs before Femunløpet but it was cancelled due to covid. Ole is a gentle and sweet dog


(Klaus x Siberian Sleddogs Jana)
Zappa is owned and bred by Turid and Jostein A Lindberg and runs in their a recreational team with all his littermates but one.
He is a nice combination of Tore Hunskårs well known leader Klaus to the also well known lines of Siberian Sleddog/ H C Ørjestad on the motherside.Close relatives have finished Iditarod 2 times. Tore Hunskårs dogs have been the leading team in MD racing Norway.
Zappa have very nice, kind temperament and is a good working dog. He has attended a number of MD races, but dear Turid stand on the brake;)
I had him here for some days and ran him in my team and he wass all buisness
Eyechequed and gonioscoped clear 2016

Oliver B Bumble  av Vargevass

(SE (POLAR)CH Thor av Vargevass x Janneke av Vargevass)
Oliver was owned and highly valued by Steinar Bergheim when I used him, and later sold to Kenneth Monsen when he quit. He is out of a very good working litter at Vargevass where 3 littermates, Pamuk, TomPoes and Pippi ran in Eveline Kochs 8 dog team that placed nr 6 in Femund 400, brother Fram has finished 1 Iditarod and 2 Yukon Quests in US omn Shaytaan team. Oliver finished Femund 400 nr 20 in Kenneths team 2017
Nice tempered, hard working male
Have 1 litter at Slidrefjord, 1 at Ulvhild and one with Nay-La-Chee s Rohan Chika so far

Forstals Kaniq

(Forstals Zharhis x Forstals Dusky)

Imported from Forstal kennels, England by Stig og Elin Torp, Bergimellom kennel.
Forstal is Englands oldest and most wellknown SH kennel. Has had show and racewinning siberians for many years. Kaniq is a non-conflict and calm boy, good size and build and runs very nicely and hardgoing in the team.He runs in Begimelloms middle distance teams

He is not eyechequed but his relatives in England are eyechequed clear and have also good hip scores
1 litter with Nay-La-Chee s Vyla Nayak


(Scooter av Vargevass x Foxy)

Owned by Nina Iversøn and Frank Guldberg, bred by Tore Hunskår/ Hans Chr Ørjestad
Not raced much but a very hardworking, intens male from good workinglines. He is only living brother of Tore Hunskårs former well known leaders Kvikki and Juni, Foxy is a well known foundationdog at Ørjestads.

Eyechequed clear
2 prize in show
1 litter with Nay-La-Chee`s Vyla Nayak
1 litter with Nay-La-Chee s River Jenisej

Blackjack Jericho of Jedeye
(Alaskans Blackjack of Anadyr x Shjeggemans Jordan) import USA

Jericho came to Norway as older dog to be used at stud. He has served as a leader at Jedeye kennel before.
He is a large, solid, strong male with thick coat. I had him here for 2 months and was very found of his friendly, non-conflict temperament.
He is eyechequed clear, has 1 prize on shows.
He has raced in
2005: John Beargrease Marathon 2006: John Beargrease 150
3 litters in USA
Litter with NLCs River Jenisej 2008

Arctic Souls Vytok
(Kefeus Traleika Nagar x
Arctic Soul Q-uantity) Import Finland

Vytok is a finish import  owned by Snørokk kennel. Large, well buildt, hard working male with fluid movements.
Soscial temperament, loud and energetic He has run a number of middle distance races, Polardistance 160 and Femund 400 x 2:
Eyechequed/ gonioscoped clear. 1AK, HP and CK and certs in shows

Litter with Lure Larka 2008
Litter with NLC Troykaz Sikpok 2009

Fenrisulvenss Breke (Bronco)
Alka Shan Zephir x Fenrisulvens Helga) Import Sweden


Bronco was a studfee pup the Witchels took  from Lotta and Peter Antoniusson, well known swedish middledistanse/sprint kennel., later bought as yearling by Snørokk kennel
I think Witchels regretted to promise him away too early since he developed very nicely during training
Bronco has a fabulous friendly temperament to both people and other dogs, non dominant.
He works hard,are very focused and is now mainleader at Snørokk.
He has finished a number of  middledistance-races.
His father Zephir is a key dog in the Alka-Shan team and Helga is one of Lottas leaders
He is eyechequed/ gonioscoped clear, later diagnosed with lipid cornea dystrofi
2JK on show
Litter with Nay-La-Chee `s Nomi in 2006

Sujozov av Vargevass  
(Alaskan PingPing of Anadyr x Tellervo av Vargevass)

Large, nice looking male born 2002 belonging to kennel av Vargevass. Dark grey Blue eyes
Nice temprament. He runs on Karstens team and finished  Femund 500 2005 as nr 12 among mostly alaskan teams and the team won Polar Distans 2005 300km
He has Cert at shows and was BOB in Evertsberg 05 out of 150 dogs
Litter with Nay-La-Chee`s Cool n Rude Hex february 05
Many litters in Sweden since then

Nay-La-Chee`s Cry Wolf Xo  (Nay-La-Chee`s Iver Glipp x Nay-La-Chee`s Svarte Ildico)

Male born 01 Sold as a pup. He lives as a family/recreationaldog with Erik Meinhardt, but gets a lot of training and is run in teams both siberian and alaskan now and then
He has finished races with pulka and middledistance  in 6-dogclass, in 2006 he has logged 4000 kmtrs and  the 6-dog team of Eriks two dogs and 4 borrowed dogs were nr 1 in Polardistans 300km . Xo runs well in lead.
He has 1JK prize in show. Nice coat and descent build. 60 cm
Xo has been kenneled here now and then and is such a quiet, pleasent boy to have around. I prefered him to his brother Vadim owned by me.

Litter with Nay-La-Chee`s Cool N Rude Dilla 04
One litter at Ulvebakken and one at Erik Meinharts

Northomes Rude-E at Axia 
(Northomes Tough Guy x Kodiak Jewel the 2) Import USA

Male born 99. Bred by Al and Ann Stead of Minnesota USA.
Owned by Ingrid and Per Agefeldt, Sweden
Rude comes from a litter of 9 were most of them run in lead. According to Al it was one of their best
litters ever.A number of Rudes littermates ran on Norhomes team who
finished the North American Open in 03 as the first siberian team for years and years!
Rude-E is running on Axias sprint teams.

He is eyechequed clear and hips are chequed.

He has a number of litters in Sweden and three litters so far in Norway.

Bred here with Nay-La-Chee`s Cool Running Kenoia 2001

Isslottets Biggen (  

Male born 1993 Silver grey Brown eyes 60 cm
Bred by Frode Bakke, Norway
A well buildt and nicely tempered male who has run in Frodes team foryears. He consider him one of his best dogs.
He has participated in middledistance races, Femund 280 km and Femund 480 km. He is a team dog. Has litters at Frodes kennel.
Has a number of pups at Isslottets kennel

Litter with Arctic Songs Djerva 2001

Alka-Shan Fudge of Sno-Fire
(Alka Shan Callico x Sno-Fire Banner of Alka Shan) import USA

Male born 1993. Blackish grey Eyes blue/brown 23-24 kg.
Bred by Pat Shane, USA
Was owned and driven by Alka Shan kennel, Anne Lise and Manfred Witschel

Fudge ran in point/lead in their competitive Siberian teams, which has been winning /placing high on middledistance-races (100-200 km) in USA. Witchels describe him as a very good dog who does well both on fast and heavy trails.  
Eyechequed clear

Had litter with Nay-La-Chee`s Cool Running Kenoia in 98.
Has litters in USA and Germany.
His father Callico has been Anne-Lises key leader for many years

S(Polar)ch Unisaks Jet Bandit
(Igloo Paks Snow Bandit x Snowtrails Linda)

Male born 1991.Grey/white with brown eyes   Bred by Nils and Sickan Hjelm, Sweden
Owned and raced by Per and Ingrid Agefeldt,  Axias kennel, Sweden. 

Jetson has been their main leader for many years of sprint-racing. He has 2 Certificates on shows, won BOB on SPHK Spesciality 97 for  judge J Jeppson,Denmark. Won BOS for Al and Ann Stead at Fun Match Sweden 99

Jetson and other off-spring of the imported frozen sperma of Igloo Paks Snow-Bandit has been quite influental in Swedish racing- Siberian Husky breeding.
He has a number of litters in Sweden and two litters in Norway with 
Avatac`s Brave Ulveline