Portraits of Isi Birkebeiner-a naughty pup!
Isi is born in april 00 and got his name from his mom and dads names
( Nay-La-Chee`s Gråtass Sina x Nay-La-Chee`s Iver Glipp).  And the fact that he is born next to the Birkebeiner skitrail at Lillehammer at Astrid and Larry Berntsens place
He is a very charming and mischievous little chap with a lot of self confidence.
Since he spend a lot of time inside, I got some nice shots of him,so now he`s allreaddy got his own internetpage.

Isihode1.jpg (14431 bytes)
isihode2.jpg (32318 bytes)
Isiramp1.jpg (33008 bytes) Looking for trouble......

isi_tufsen.JPG (31988 bytes)    

Grandma`s toy

isi_plante.JPG (19746 bytes)
Amputated plant

isi_klut.JPG (21013 bytes)
This pillow belong in my washingbucket
jenny_isi.JPG (83777 bytes)
Isi and our young friend Jenny, who were visiting  on her way to Germany and au-pairjob for a year!
Good luck Jenny!