Blackfoot- litter

  Nay-La-Chee`s Nomi    x Fenrisulvens Breke (Bronco)  Born  september 12 -06


Yatho stays here  

Frodo lives with Martin and Anita

Baffin live withFrank and Nina



Lizzie lives with Ingvild at Rodeløkka kennel

Mustang, swop puppy with Jenni Hasa,
Kefeus kennel in Finland

Akii joins their father Bronco at Snørokk kennel

3 weeks 5 days and just moved to my place today.

Two grey blue eyed girls

Bi/split eyed agouti girl

Blue eyed agouti girl
Most fotogenic one of the gang
Bi /split eyed girl

Brown eyed agouti male

Split eyed male, biggest and fatest


Tired after exploring my kitchen for the first time  

Blue eyed  dark boy

Agouti dark boy brown or split eyes

Bi/split eyed grey boy

female and male with same markings!
   Grey blue  eyed female   
agouti brown or split eyed female

agouti blue eyed female
   One unusual trait on this litter is that half  the pups were born with coal black pads. I have never seen this before, mostly they have pink pads at this stage!

Beige blue or split eyed female

Grey bi eyed or split eyed female
Fenrisulvens Breke
Alka-shan Zephir
Sommerset Island Opium
Hercules Of Sepp-alta
Ash Of Markovo
Alma Of Sepp-alta
Alka-shan's Winter-weekend
Sno-sepp's Ely Of Sepp-alta
Yolly Yopsilon Of Alka-shan
Kodiaks Qloudy 2nd
Kodiak's X Thundercloud Sd
Kodiak's Spider Sdx
Nordest's Shamnie Of Kodiak
Quochee De L'epiphanie
Tayouk De L'epiphanie
Dixie De L'epiphanie
Fenrisulvens Helga
S(polar)ch Unisaks Jet Bandit
Igloo Pak`s Snow Bandit
Igloo Pak`s Clyde
Igloo Pak`s Ann
Snowtrails Linda
Snowtrails Frosty
Snowtrails Annie
CH Fenrisulvens Nanek
Rookie`s Daffy
Snowtrails Melissa
Snowtrails Zero
Queenie Av Veo
Nay-la-chees Nomi
Nay-la-chee`s Iver Glipp
Alka-shan Fudge Of Sno-fire
Alka-shans Callico
Hercules Of Sepp-alta
Alka-shan`s Polar Penny
Sno-fire`s Banner Of Alka Shan
Alka-shan Lucky Laser
Sitka Of Sno-fire
Nay-la-chee`s Cool Running Kenoia
S(polar)ch Unisaks Jet Bandit
Igloo Pak`s Snow Bandit
Snowtrails Linda
Avatac`s Brave Ulveline
Vargteams Varg
Vargteams Delta
Nay-la-chee`s Narrow Trail Yin
Sledge Dog Kennel Effendy
Alka-shan`s Eclipse
Hercules Of Sepp-alta
Alka-shans Nice Nailuchee
Roter Stern Kolonie Kônigsborn Otakye
Polar Speed Eiger
Bella Coola`s Cicila
Arctic Song`s Byks
Fredlunds Balto
Stanowois Punk
Jenny Av Vargevass