Litter of NLC `s River Jenisej x Blackjack Jericho of Jedeye

Born 19/6 08 1 female 6 males


8 weeks now and leaving home.
An active and soscial bunch with big apetite and mighty voices:) Did not have any stack pic help so its the digging monsters as usual.
From left Graabein, stays here, Skarv, stays here, Yana female on breeding terms, Inuk, no name yet, Chip, Dyret.
7 weeks
6 weeks Grey boys visiting inside.
5,5 weeks
Pups have started to explore big pen, and the desire of digging starts early! Who can resist cool sand in this hot weather? And all ears are up now
5 weeks
4 weeks
3 weeks  Just moved outside and ready to explore world...and sleep a LOT
1 female is the one in front of the 1 pic second row rest is boys!
2 weeks Eyes open and starting to play a little. But mostly sleep and eat. The female is the dark one to the right on second pic, rest is boys
First week
Jeni expanding her litter with my shoes