Hexov litter


Puppies Sujozov av Vargevass  x Nay-La-Chee`s Cool `n Rude Hex born may 05
   Pups 6,5 weeks

Runner  and Chip

Hexa and Bindi

Here these grandchildren of Alaskans Ping Ping of Anadyr  are pictured with granddaughter of Earl and Natalie Norris of Anadyr kennels, Lisbet:) She went to school in Norway for a year.


The two to the right are females rest is males

Grandma Noia has false pregnancy so here she is with all the puppies while mother Hexa has none...

4 weeks....

Twoheaded troll:) Male and female

Male and female


Puppies 3 weeks
From left brown eyed male bi-eyed female split eyed male brown eyed dark male     
Behind from left blue eyed male blue eyed female