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I live  30  km  from the center of Oslo, on the countryside ( in a suburban area.) in my own house, unfortunatly not so much land, 1,5 mål..Its also only 30 minutes from Oslo Airport and as long to drive to work as to go training with the dogs. I can`t train from home, I have to travel  25kmtrs to carttrain, 25-60 km to run on sled. Where it used to be possible to train larger teams 24km round trip its  now its only 8 kmtr and a roadblock. This makes it too timeconsuming and expensive for me  to train for races anymore since it includes a lot of traveling when cartseason is over.
The few periods when it`s snow like in "old days" its possible to go on shorter runs on the fields that surround us.
My closest neighbor  has a kennel of alaskans and my sister, who
(lucky for me)  is a vet, lives next road with her terriers and cavaliers, so we have a doggy neighborhood!!
Beside my sister I have help with the dogs from my friend Ronny, he is also interested in racing longer distances in the future.My friend Anne Kari is also a good support
and a clever show secretary.

Unfortunatly *civilazations* creeps closer with more houses build around here but luckily the planned building border side my land is prosponed for a number of years ahead. I dont get any younger so by that time I probably don t have a kennel anymore
The dogyards have been renovated and rebuildt many times over the years,
 here is pics the last one from 2013

Belove are a number of shots from the different areas of kennels over the years
and daily life of the dogs



The cages are made of Larry Berntsen, who has done a very good job:-);-)
I can easy carry the 12 dogs I train for the race team, if I`m bringing more dogs I use the dogtrailer.
The nice hookup-system are made by
Frank Guldberg

The wooden sleds have been retired and I run mostly on a BeWe distansesled or with Oinakka Alu Distans
For shorter races, I enjoy the Dannler sled.
For falltraining I train by car or use the Dyck-cart


All the yards has  concrete-block flooring for easy cleaning since its clayground here and gravel dissapear too fast..
The dogs live in groups of 2-3 dogs and are let out to run in the playground alltogether every day.I love to watch them play and interact .Wish I had a larger fenced area but its not space for it here...
I love gardening and flowers so I think its nice with a dogyard surrounded of bushes and flowers.

The dogs are mainly kenneldogs, but some are housetrained and "housedogs".
The puppies also grow up outside, but are taken inside regularly, up to 8 weeks almost everyday, to be sosialized.

The dogs are fed with
premium kibbles from
and meatproducts  from
Vom og Hundemat

Some dogs are more accustomed to indoor life than others.


hane.JPG (26029 bytes) I used to have hens for years, but don`t have any at the moment. But maybe I get some again!
The creatures to the right are angorarabbits. Its fur is very soft and warm and it need to be clipped 4 times a year. Its wool has 10 time better insolationabilities than sheepwool. I spin the wool into yarn myself and make very warm mits and socks. Perfect when you are dogmushing in cold temperatures.
kanin.JPG (10656 bytes)

pus.JPG (15307 bytes) I used to have cats, but have none at the moment (could use one to hunt mice in my basement....)But the cats I had did have a tendency to visit the dogyard and that wasn`t very smart.The left cat Lillepus was a Norwegian Forestcat.

I also love horses, espescially Icelandic ponies, but its years and years since I had the time to ride... Maybe one day...
foxtail.gif (40276 bytes) I used to paint and  do different artthings, but the doglifestyle have used up my leisuretime.
To the left a painting I made twenty years ago.

Well, seem like I`m gone to the dogs......
painting.JPG (11165 bytes)

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