Kennel equipment/ my equipment
Here I share some tips about what to use/ how to do things in the dogyard and the trail. More to come
I love my belt, which I got Trond Hafel to make for me many years ago
I recently got a new one sincce the old one started to get tired, espescially after dragging me behind 10 dogs for 4 kmtrs:)
There are two rings on the belt, one on each side
In the belt I keep a knife of some sort, necklines, snaps and a rope in which I can attatch a dog for instance while hooking up, or changing spots in the team
On trails that are not dangerously steep or with a lot of forest, I also attatch myself to the team
Knife to cut loose dogs in cases of emergency
I used to have a beautiful handmade knife espescially designed for the purpose, but unfortunatly its lost
Normal knifes can harm dogs with the sharp ends when they are densly tangeled and paniccing
Now I use a little tool designed to gut animals. Blade is easy to change so its allways sharp. I also cut loose from the snubline sometimes
This model can be bought at Felleskjřpet

All my dogs live  in pens  I use stainless steel 10l buckets that are expencive but durable and hygienic. I attatch them to fence with chain so they dont play around with it
I also but  it on a  concrete clock so that the males just about dont pee in the buckets....
I bought these at Claes Olsson
Picketline around the car. I love this one
This system is very practical and nice, I got it through my friend Frank Guldberg. In front of the car two little pipes are welded under the car to attatch the rods. Behind its the little tool to stick on the * whatchemma callit in english he he* ...Trailer attachment? There are 4 separat wire/ or chainlines that are attached to the rods in each corner
I recently made a new one since wires were rusty, this time with chains. If weight does not matter that is a more practical  solution I think
This one is made by Larry Berntsen and it functions very well. It is isolated in the roof. Under it it`s space for some luggage in *Gildeboxes* and long equipment. One will need a tool with a hook on to get hold of things under it.
Luckily Larry cut out the holes in the doors very nicely, these I attatch when trailerbox is not in use. This way the box stays dry inside.
Larry Berntsen made these too.  Clever guy!
    OH Shit
Use a bucket like this one where the handle is a bit away from buckets edge. Less chance of getting poop on your hands...
This hatchet( barkespade) is very useful to loosen shit with when its frozen
The black collector is made for stables but are nice to use.