Here are some pictures of different harnessmodels for sleddogs.
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1 Leather-collar harness in old fashion style, these were  used on Denali Park Service sleddogs.
These harnesses are similar to the ones used in the pioneer days of Alaska.




2 Harness used by L Seppala.
This harness was given to Reidar Schau by Leonhard Seppala. Its the same shape as modern biking/skijoring-harnesses.


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3 Leather collar harness
Used mainly for nordic style mushing with pulkas.Has a thick leather collar similar to the ones used on horses.
Has mearly been replaced by webbing nordicstyle harnesses, they are both cheaper and better for the dog to move in than the leatherharness.
kombisele.JPG (16696 byte) 3b  Combined nome/nordicstyle harness.
This model can be used both with ganglines and pulka/sacco rods.
There is a ring and a strap on it to connect to the rods. Quite popular in Scandinavia, and has taken over for the leather colalr harness above



4 Siwash x-back harness

The most commonly  used harnessmodel  for sleddogs.Usualy made of nylonwebbing. Used to be padded with "teddyfabric" or fleece, but this has been  replaced by rip-stop fabric filled with a foamy material. This prevent the harness from getting soaked and frozen stiff.
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4 Siwash x-back- padded
On hounds and other shorthaired dogs its common to use harnesses with more padding than on ordinary harnesses
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5 H-back harness
Commonly used by longdistance mushers.Also called Norris harness
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6 Taiga Collared Neck H-back
The Taigaharnesses has become quite popular. What espescially differs them from the ordinary x-back or H-back is the  construction on top of the shoulders.Its supposed to  give the dog better freedom of movement in the shoulder..
taiga_2.JPG (21316 bytes) 
7 Taiga Collared Neck X-back
Here the construction with only one strap between the shoulderblade can be seen clearly.
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8 Adjustable harness

Constructed by Jan Reinertsen
First modell has similar  shape as the Greenland eskimoharness. Only one strap on top of  the back. It can be adjusted in the collar, on the backstrap and on the sidestraps.

Not the best workingharness, but useful to have as a extra-harness in the sled since it can be fitted to all sizes. Its also useful on dogs who get wounds under elbows because they are not pulling straight. The harness can be adjusted unstraight to avoid soar area.

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9  Weight-pull harness
These harnesses are constructed with the harnessloop much lower than on ordinary harnesses.
10 *Pinnesele* X-back harness with lowered pullingpoint
Not unlike a weightpulling harness, on this model the pressurepoint at the croup is lowered and the harness is spread with a stick. Used espescially on wheeldogs and on dogs with backproblems
11 Long distance harness
A fairly new model introduced by Jeff King. Reduces pressure on hips and croup