Nuch Nv 96 Nay-La-Chee`s Cool Running Konyak
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Born 1995. Yellowish grey with brown eyes, 25 kg 61 cm

Well buildt, majestic looking boy with fluid movements, a bit reserved.
Hard working, strong key dog.
On the negative side he had a very strong preydrive and had some bad jerkinghabits in the team

He ran in my race team on most races in his life spam

Cyber litter with  Arctic Songs Byks
Accidental litter with Nay-La-Chee`s Yallah Jaws.

chequed clear 13/2-97 by E Bjerkås

Konyak had to be put down late fall 04 due to a rare leukemia

Best Puppy at NSHK Specialty 95 for Judith Jeppson,
Best in Show at Norsk Lundehundklubb 96 for O Hedne
Winner of Group 5 Norwegian Kennel Clubs Show of winners  1996  for Robert Sellevik, 
Best of Opposite sex at NSHKs Specialty for Sally Leich 97, 
Best of Breed at NSHK Specialty 98 for Anne Marie Engelschiøn.
2. winner male 1997 and 1998 with reserv Cacib at  Kennel Club Show of Winners
2. winner male NSHK Specialty 99 for Frank Christensen
2. winner male NSHKSpecialty 02 for Robert Sellevik

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Fall 02            Konyak and sister Noia
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Group 1 Show of winners  96 photo J Kolpus        2. winner male NSHK 02 photo Kolpus






S(polar)ch Unisaks Jet Bandit

Igloo Pak`s Snow Bandit

Igloo Pak`s Clyde

Igloo Pak`s Wing-a

Koonah`s Spice

Igloo Pak`s Ann

Igloo Pak`s Wing-a

Koonah`s Ikatuk

Snowtrails Linda

Snowtrails Frosty

Zero`s Dargo

Arctic Trails Amber

Snowtrails Annie

Zero`s Dargo

Alaskans Mona Of Anadyr

Avatac`s Brave Ulveline

Vargteams Varg

Speedos El Zordo

Teamsters Kasseek





Vargteams Delta

Nord Av Seppalaska

Polar Speed Kazan

Stanowois Pipsi


Capu Av Vargevass

Roxy Av Vargevass

About ancestors:
Unisaks Jet Bandit: Main-leader at Axia kennels sprint team, Sweden
Igloo Paks Snow Bandit: Jerry Le Vasseurs sprintleader, USA, who also was  one of the highest rated Sepp-test dogs.
Ulveline: Rikkes main leader
Varg: Leader at Avatac kennel, Torild  and Hennig Granum  Finished  oneFemund 280 km
Delta: Leader at Avatac kennel, Torild  and Hennig Granum Finished  two Femund 280 km one Femund 480 as leader  mixed siberian/alaskan teams.
El Zordo: Mainleader at Ole Dag Løvolds kennel Vargteam
Kasseek and Freya were two of Ketil Hillestads siberian-leaders
Snowtrails Frosty: Key stud in swedish siberian-breeding. 

Coefficient of Inbreeding of N Uch Nv 96 Nay-la-chee`s Cool Running Konyak is 0%.