Arctic Song`s Djerva
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Female born 95 Grey with brown eyes 17 kg
Bred by Rune Moen, Trysil

Good worker, allways eager to go, but very found of rolling in the snow as soon as we stop...

Season 98/99 loaned to Chr Engelschiøn and trained for Femund 280. (Team scratched)
She has done a good job in lead since then.She has been loaned out to kennel Carillo since 00 
and has served well as mainleader, but has moved back here spring 02  to have her pups.
Season 03 Djerva ran on the A-team, always working well both in lead and in the team when
the speed is moderate, but on fast trail in large teams she has her limits.

Showresults: 4. winner bitch for Sally Leich on NSHK Spesciality 97, with CK
Runner up winner bitch for Frank Christensen NSHK Spesciality 99 with CK


Crapyl-litter 5 pups with Arctic Song`s Kvikk
4 pups with Isslottets Biggen
Djerve litter 9 pups with Nay-La-.Chee`s Iver Glipp april 02

Djerva was  eyechequed clear 25/5 00 by Trond Bergsjø.
Eyechequed clear and gonioscoped febr 02 by Kristin Lange

She has participated in a number of middledistance races in her career.

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ARCTIC SONG`S DJERVA , 6-Generation COI = 1,5625%

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