N uch Nordvik`s Road to Glory (Charlie)

Black/white, brown eyed showline bitch imported from Nordvik kennel, Australia   January 2000.
A  happy and outgoing girl.mostly. Extreme apetite, food protective.
She has her clear limits as a sleddog  and has  in maturity  developed  heavy and low on legs
Charlie now resides with Chicki Runnquist in Sweden together with her offspring Possum and Kengu
as recreational dogs and have a nice life there

NKK Bjerke aug. 2000 HP and CK  second winner bitch Judge  Texeira, Portugal
NKK Vikingskipet nov 00 HP 4.th winnerbitch Judge Geir N Pedersen
NKK Drammen june 01. 2.winner bitch with CERT  ans Res Cacib Judge Tore Fossum
Sandefjord Hundeklubb jan 02 BIR CERT Group 1
Sweden june 05   2AK Judge Hanne Laine, Denark
Vâsterås july 05 1CK Cacib BIR Judge Per Wallin

Eyechequed clear by Bjerkås 01
Eyechequed  and gonioscoped clear february 02 by Kristin Lange

Accidental breeding Aussie-litter with Nay-La.-Chee`s Iver Glipp

Charlie 5 years

Charlie 11 months

Charlie 1 year, on a latenight  muddy trainingrun.

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Sire: Kayentas Chama of Nordvik    Dam: au Ch Nordviks Bound for Glory





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