Nay-La-Chee`s KjappenTill

Named after singer in one of my favourit groups, german Rammstein

Male born june 06 Dark grey brown 8 months 23 kgs 60cm
Usually a quiet dog, also in the team.
He don`t have the energy-level of his father, but develope well in harness so far. Extreme apetite
Attension seeking and very smart.

1/12 07
Till was supposed to stay with a friend of mine  for the winter to be trained in a small team
He climbed out of the yard shortly after arrival and since then no one has seen him. We have been looking for him  many places without success. Now, when I write this more than a month later, him turning up would be a miracle and I guess we have to presume the poor guy is dead.

Till 8 months

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VALPER TROY MARJA , 6-Generation COI = 1,87378%
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