Arctic Soul Utu
(Viteks Desmond of Jedeye US import x Go Steel Arwen)
Breeder: Mari Sakkara of Finland
Female born 03 Grey/white brown eyed

She is an exchange pup for Nay-La-Chee`s Cool Fall Saga
co-owned  with Kari and Ulf Hope in Telemark
She is a submissive and pleasent girl to have around, beautifully buildt and with effordless movements.

In harness she has unfortunatly not developed like we hoped she would, since she is very softheaded. She has now settled down very well as *housedog* with Asbjørn and Ingeborg in Oslo

2. Winner female with CK SPHK Kloten 04 Judge Erna Britt Nordin
3 winner female with CERT NSHK spesciality 05 judge Per Nymark

Arctic Soul kennel Finland
Jedeye kennel  USA


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Mother of Utu

Father of Utu