Nay-La-Chee`s Cool N Rude Dilla 2

Black and grey female born 01.

Well buildt, extremely energetic and smart.
Loved attension and had a naughty glimpse in her eye! Very talkative.
Eager and fast, but not trained any longer distances
Was unfortunatly put down due to desease

Cool Rascal litter with Nay-La-Chee`s Cry Wolf Xo


Participated in skijoring at NSHK race together with Erik and Xo:-)

Dilla was eyechequed and gonioscoped clear march 03 by Kristin Lange

3. winner bitch with CK NSHK Spesciality 03 judge Kari Granaas Hansen
Reserve  winner bitch with CK NSHK Spesciality 04 judge Ralph Cambell
Reserve winenr bitch with CK NSHK spesciality 05 judge Per Nymark



My attempt to take a stack pic of Dilla.....


Parents GrandParents G-GrandParents G-G-GParents
Northomes Rude-e At Axia
Northomes Tough Guy Northomes Ed Northomes Yankee
Northomes Whitby
Northomes Spot Lokibodens Mr Snuffalupagus
Northomes Mimi Tchida
Kodiaks Jewel 2 Kodiaks Valois Kodiaks Iroquois
Verhelynns Ruby Of Kodiak
Verhelynns Ruby Of Kodiak Khan Of Bru
Lena Of Vixen
Nay-la-chee`s Cool Running Kenoia
S(polar)ch Unisaks Jet Bandit Igloo Pak`s Snow Bandit Igloo Pak`s Clyde
Igloo Pak`s Ann
Snowtrails Linda Snowtrails Frosty
Snowtrails Annie
Avatac`s Brave Ulveline Vargteams Varg Speedos El Zordo
Vargteams Delta Nord Av Seppalaska

Coefficient of Inbreeding of Valper Rude-e/ Kenoia is 0%