Nay-La-Chee`s Cool `n Rude Carlos

 Born 01 Dark grey, brown eyed male. 58cm 23 kg

Very submissive with people, loves attention and to be petted. Normal apetite
Owned by E & C Skrivarhaug, but are  kenneled here and is trained  in my team 
Carlos is  hardworking, with a very fluid trot and he is endurant.
Sice season of 05 Carlos has served as main leader, he works well both single and double, and
take usual comands quite well  Not the smartest dog  though and he doesn`t comunicate too well with the other males.

Participated in Vikerfjelløpet 8-dog and
NSHK Open class
NSHK race 2 x 18km 8 dog
Huskydraget 2 x 30 km open
Nybusjøen Trail 1 x 30km

Vikerfjell 6-dog class 35km
Rørosløpet 2 x 35 8 dog
NSHK 2x 50 6 dog
Drevsjøløpet 100km 8-dog
Raulandsløpet 50km 6-dog
Paaskeløpet 12 km 8 dog

07 Hamar TK Påskeløp  12km
08 Shamdraget 2 x 45 km 6 dog
NSHK race 2 x 50 km 8 dog
Polardistans 160 6 dog

1AK CK 2BHK (2.winner male) NSHK Specialty 02 Robert Sellevik
1AK.CK 1AKK  Reserve winner male SPHK Kloten, Sweden 04 Judge Erna Britt Nordin

Cool Fall litter 6 pups with Nay-La-Chee`s Cry Wolf Ivanka 03

Yinca litter 6 pups with Nay-La-Chees Narrow Trail Yin 07

Gonioscoped/Chequed  clear 2003 by K Lange


Parents GrandParents G-GrandParents G-G-GParents
Northomes Rude-e At Axia
Northomes Tough Guy Northomes Ed Northomes Yankee
Northomes Whitby
Northomes Spot Lokibodens Mr Snuffalupagus
Northomes Mimi Tchida
Kodiaks Jewel 2 Kodiaks Valois Kodiaks Iroquois
Verhelynns Ruby Of Kodiak
Verhelynns Ruby Of Kodiak Khan Of Bru
Lena Of Vixen
Nay-la-chee`s Cool Running Kenoia
S(polar)ch Unisaks Jet Bandit Igloo Pak`s Snow Bandit Igloo Pak`s Clyde
Igloo Pak`s Ann
Snowtrails Linda Snowtrails Frosty
Snowtrails Annie
Avatac`s Brave Ulveline Vargteams Varg Speedos El Zordo
Vargteams Delta Nord Av Seppalaska

Coefficient of Inbreeding of Valper Rude-e/ Kenoia is 0%