Photography, filmediting and webdesign is nr 3  hobby,after dogs and gardening,  I have taken thousands of pictures, with siberians as favourite motive since 1974.  Siberians in snow are the prettiest sight I know of, just HAVE to bring a camera . Im 2010 I finally upgraded to a Canon Eos 550D and used a tiny Ixus also to put in the pocket for most videos. I ruined about 5 Ixuses that got sand in the lensmechanism:) These days one use the phone a lot but I prefer other cameras....

I have started to use One.coms Galleryfunction and will move most photos there. There is a  FULL SCREEN MODUS OPTION that show pics better since they seem more unsharp in smaller formate  In these days of Facebook, update here takes time:)I have a channel at You Tube, NayLaChee 
   and Instagram @naylachee


Pictures from the past
Home in the Kennel! 
Nay-La-Chee`s owned by others  
Studdogs belonging to others Updated
Dilla the clown
1998-2003 mix  

NSHKvintersamling 05

Season 05/06 mix 
A lazy springday-portraits 07   
Early fall training portraits 07
Season 07/08 mix
Portraits from dogyard july 09
Season 09/ 10 
SH spescialty Bjursås 09
NSHK trainingcamp 09
Training at home 2010 
Doglife 2010 

SOC/ PrøveVM races at Hamar 2010
Puppy kindergarden  
Znoke and Myrull  
Poor Nayak :
Falltraining 2010
Rigrace 2010 HSHK  
Siberian husky portraits Syningen
Carnivore mayhem  
Season 2011 
VM Hamar sprint/ middledistance 
NSHK Specialty 2011
Doglife 2012  

NSHK Fall Camp Ål 2012 
NLC`s Corvus Ørnulf, coverfacedog:)
Falltraining nov 2012
Improved dogyard 2013
Snowy winter of 2018!!!NEW 

Litters at Nay-La-Chee
Each litter has a codename so they are easier to
identify later.

Ulveline x Andy Tussete 00
Ildico x Iver 01  Cry Wolf 
Kenoia x Rude-E 01 
Cool n Rude
Znooka x Santo 01  
Kenoia x Andy 02  Chill out 
Djerva x Iver 02  Djerve
Charlie x Iver 02
Ivanka x Carlos 03 Cool Fall   
Dilla x Xo  04  Cool Rascal 
Larka x Troy 04
Hex x Sujozov 05  Hexov
Larka x Troy 05  Troyka2
Marja x Troy 06 Kjappen
Hex x River 06  Siberian rivers theme
Nomi x Bronco 06 Blackfoot
Yin x Carlos 07  Yinca
Larka x Vytok 08  Vyla
Jenisej x Jericho 08 Jj
Sikpok x Vytok 09 Tokpok

Jeni x Sepp 10  Lava
Nayak x Sepp 10 Askesky

Tamsin x Iver 10 
Tamsin x Isi  11 Rohan
Sikpok x Ravn 11 Kjølige
Nayak x Ravn 12 Corvus 

Tamsin x Skarv 13
Nayak x Kaniq 14               
Kristen x Muqtuk 15  
Chika x Oliver 15 LbL                      

Nenana x Zappa 17  Neza
Nenana x Korpi 18 NEW 

Mammaloe x Bark 18 NEW


Training at Atrå Training  with Kari des 08  
Training in Hurdal des 08 
Nayak hiding chewbone  08 short
Perfect winter scenery, training from  Hakadal  feb 09
Training at Grimsbu feb 09 short
Puppytraining march Vylapups 39 mb 
Puppytraning fast, march Vylapups 2 40 mb
Puppytraing black bunch march
Ivers digging techniqes! 19 mb

Sikpoks pups 2 weeks  14mb
Sikpokpups 3 weeks
Sikpokpups almost 6 weeks
Sikpokpups 7 weeks
Daily life in the kennel 1/8-09 

Forestwalk with pups aug 09 
Carttraining october 09 
Catrtraning october wet version!
Carttraining with 3 other teams 09

Carttraining- end of november 09 
Training at home 2010 
Noisy youngsters and nice sled feb 10

PrøveVM/SOC races at Gåsbu 7/3-10 
Springrun in lots of snow march 9 
Yearlings 2011 on a run 
Graabein as openfield leader for first time 
Skarv having an opentrail lesson from Ravn 
Nayak after surgery
Nayak and Sikpoks pups
Nocturnal creatures   
VERY wet trainingrun:)

Nayak x Ravn pups 5 weeks
Sessvoll training 2016 with Troll
Oslomarkasamling Finnskogen 2017 NEW 
Skijoring with Korpi and Anna 2018 NEW 
Skijoring with Bark and Ugle 2018 NEW 
Windy fields 2018 NEW 

My garden
Abyssinian kittens
Thoroughbred racehorses Øvrevoll