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Who`s who?
A listing of kennel-names in my dogs pedigrees


Alaskan of Anadyr Earl and Natalie Norris USA
Arctic Trail: Loyd Slocum USA
Alka Shan: Anne Lise and Manfred Witschel, Germany
Arctic Song: Helge Nylund took the name, Rune Moen later  got his dogs and use the name today.
Avatac: Henning and Torild Granum, after they divorce, Torild  Granum use the name, Out of siberians
Bumper: Ole Bjørkheim, out of siberians
Fredlund: Ole Botilsrud out of siberians
Finnemarkas: Christen Rose Andersen out of siberians
Itreks: Kristin Baklund out of siberians
Igloo Pak: Roland Lombard USA Deceased
Kodiak Debbie Fogerty Canada
Family o fEngelschiøn
Lokiboden Leigh and Susan Gilchrist Canada
Curt Stuckey USA

Northome: Al og Ann Stead, USA
Sue Lamkins Eads Australia/USA  now Destiny
Roter Stern Kolonie Kônigsborn ? Germany
Polar Speed
Reijo Jâskelainen Finland
Sepp-Alta: Dough Willet USA Out of siberians
Seppalaska: Øivind Nord
Sledge Dog Kennel: Christoph and Elke Behring,Germany
Stanowoi: Bodil and Kjell Sulebakk Not active anymore
Snowtrails: Ingvar de Forest, Sweden: not active anymore. The guy who imported a lot of american dogs at the 80ies, giving scandinavian Siberian-breeding a great lift.
Sno-Fire: Pat Shane USA
Speedo`s: Ketil Hillestad, out of siberians
Teamster: Roger and Laila Legård, out of siberians
Unisak: Nils and Sickan Hjelm, Sweden
Vargteam: Ole Dag Løvold 
Vargevass: Karsten Grønås
Vargevass-A: Karsten Grønås with former wife Christina Jørgenfeldt
Zero: Harris Dunlap USA Out of siberians