Nay-La-Chee`s at NSHK wintersamling 2005

Photo above of Rikke by Ronny, rest of the pics is by cortesy of Kari S Hope, who got a new camera and took some nice shots! These are of teams with my offspring in them.
Dogs are named from photographers view


Frank Guldberg
Chill Out Misty and Nomi in lead
White dog to right is Chill Out Andy


Kjell Aadal
Rakker Nara and  Narrow Trail Tasha in lead
Cyber Znooka and Rakker Ludvig behind Tasha

Anne K Kroken
Right lead Lemmy (Iver x Sina) right grey dog Heijra
left black dog Cool Fall Cooper

Larry Berntsen
Gråtass Gorgon and Cool `n Rude Cox in lead. Rest is offspring of  Gråtass Sina x Iver

Tor Arnt Roko
Cry Wolf L`ami Zana to the right

Ulf Hope
Chill out Balto right lead, Cool Fall Yippi and Utu is hidden Djerve Biff right wheel

Cool n `Rude Wolf ran on
danish Gert Kronholms team


Results from races here