Female born okt 1995- nov 2009
Silver gray with brown eyes 19 kg

Well buildt female  with a good shoulderlayback and a long croup, nice coat
Main leader for years  Allways eager to go and very energetic.
Bad habits of jumping and linepulling in team.

My all time favourite dog because of her very charming temperament.and loving  fun personality  Very spoiled housedog
She is an alphadog, and related to the majority of dogs in my kennel.
Retired now. Had a pyometra at 13 but survievd with medication.

Its hard to take good portraits of Noia, her ears flap out and body hang like a sack as soon as she sees the camera!

Eyechequed clear (with gonioskopy) 29/3-99 by E Bjerkås
Eyechequed clear  30/1- 02  by Kristin Lange

1.AK  2.AKK NKK Winner Show 98 Judge Geir N Pedersen
1.AK CK 4BTK (4.winner female) Polardog Club/ NSHK Spesciality 2000 Judge Eivind Mjærum
1 AK CERT BIM (BOS)  NSHK Spesciality 2001 Judge Karsten Grønås
1 AK CERT at Skedsmo Hundeklubb 2002 judge  Berit Foss
1 AK CERT  BIR (BOB) NSHK Spesciality 2003 judge Kari Granaas Hansen
1 AK CK 2BTK (.2 best female) NSHK Spesciality 05 judge Per Nymark
1 AK CK 1CHK NSHK Spesciality 07 judge Robert Sellevik
1 AK CK 1VKK, BIR!!!(BOB) at age 11,9 years  NKK international show Bjerke 2007 judge Karsten Grønås
1 VET 1VETK HP Best veteran
 NSHK Spescialty 08 Judge Karsten Grønås

 A-team dog who has participated in most races I entered
 in her lifespan as leaddog

6 pups *Glipp* litter with Alka-Shan Fudge of Sno-Fire in 1998
8 pups *Cool n Rude * with Northomes Rude-E at Axia 2001
8 pups *Chill Out* litter with Sledgedog Kennel Effendy 2002

Since she very seldom has four legs at the ground at once when in harness, its hard to take a good stackpic of her.
Instead I got a large collection of  all her funny  kangaroo-jumps, so cheque out
Noias Work Out Page!!!