Male born 98 Grey/white Brown eyes 60 cm 23 kg

He  was my main leader, and  my best dog for some years.
A steady worker who kept up the speed if possible
Very sweet, soscial, non-conflict temprament, and a quiet and pleasent dog in the yard. Exept for his woo-wooing.
BUT he has one strange habit besides the linechewing and jerking:  See diggingfilm below......
He seems to throw his quiet temperament to many of his offspring
When he was middleaged he got problem with his back/loin area, his backing up and lounging himself in the harness for many years probably took its toll. His last raceseason was 05/06
Bite is not correct, that is the reason why he ihave not been showed much.
1AK.and HP in studclass NSHK Spescialty 2003 Judge Kari Granaas Hansen
NSHK Spescialty 08 Judge Karsten Grønås

Eyechequed clear  by E Bjerkåps  99-01
Gonioscope: a bit narrow iridocorneal angles.
Eyechequed  clear 28/3 01 by Bjerkås

6 pups with Nay-La-Chee`s Gråtass Sina owned by Berntsen, Lillehammer.
Cry Wolf litter 7 pups with Nay-La-Chee`s Svarte Ildico desember 00
Djerve litter 8 pups with Arctic Songs Djerva april 02
7 pups with Nay-La-Chee`s Gråtass Sina june 02
Aussi litter 6  pup saccidental breeding  with Nordviks Road to Glory 02
No prefix 6 pups with Nay-La-Chee`s Narrow Trail Yin 03
3 pups Rohanlitter  with Kefeus Naggar Tamsin 2010

All races I ran from 2000-2005
Iver in lead Drevdagen 05     Iver with his mother Noia


He never does this at home, but when waiting  to go in the team or  when on a  picked line he starts digging.He has an extra effective diggingtecniqe.....
These pics is day 1 and day 2 from a  trip we were on.The year before I did the mistake of chaining him in the middle of the picket line...Beside the dogs, the snow were bottomless, so when we were feeding or not to speak of when dogs were to be put in the car for the night (after we had some red wine) it was a hazzle to get passed his "animal trap"....






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