Black and white, brown eyed male. 60,5 cm. Pretty and charming boy with a very cute siberian expression despite his round eyes. Like the other Tamsinoffspring, some spescial personality. A careful approach to life, but loves people and his pack. A pleasant boy and one of my favourites.
Normal apetite, not found of new, strange dishes though.
Strange growthpattern from very small and chubby to a leggy maxsize male. All his sisters are a bit oversized and very racy. Sister Tuna is therapydog, very mild but also very eager in harness.  Sister Chika has been main leader at Chi-Ka s siberians for all her life.

He has been running in lead most of his life. A bit too crazy at hook ups though. Good on comands.  Doesn t have the prettiest gate in higher speeds, but is a very steady worker.

Exc 2JKK CK SPHK SH spesial 2012 judge Erna Britt Nordin
Exc, CK, 3. BHK  NPHK 2013 Judge Robert Sellevik

Eyechequed and gonioscoped clear(working dog retinopati)  by Kristin Lange 2013