Nay-La-Chee`s Troyka River

Born november 04 White, brown eyes  60cm 25kgs

River was sold to Anzelini family in Italy when he was born, but he had stayed here all the time to await
his travel . When he was 7 months his owners decided to give him to me as a present since they got another husky in present themselfs! And I am very happy for that!
Rivers  sweet *italian family*  in the Dolomites  keep in touch with me still, send presents and maybe we will meet one day:)

Well angulated male with good type and nice coat. Alphadog in the kennel like his father and grandfather.
A bit reserved to strangers, but very affectionate and attension seeking once he know you.
A hard working, fast dog who  moves very smooth and effordless in both trot and gallop
Runs very straight.
He is a key dog in the team
Extreme apetite

1JK CK  nr 2 JKK(2. junior male) SPHK  Spescialty 05 Judge Simon Luxmoore
2UK NSHK Spesciality 06 Judge Geir N Pedersen
1AK 3.AKK( male) NSHK Spescialty 07  Judge Robert Sellevik
1AK CK CERT CACIB BIM (BOS) NKK int.Oslo 07 Judge Karsten Grønås
1AK CK 4 AKK ( male) Swedish SH Spescialty, Bjursås Judge Vince Bueniello
1AK CK 4 AKK (4 open male) NSHK Spescialty 08 Judge Karsten Grønås

06/07 Hamar TK Påskeløp  12km
07/08 Shamdraget 2 x 45 km 6 dog
NSHK race 2 x 50 km 8 dog
Polardistans 160km 6 dog
Vikerfjell 70km 8 dog
Hallingen 80km 8 dog
NSHK 50 + 30km 8-dog
Polardistans 160km 6-dog

Eyechequed / gonioscoped clear may 06 by Bjerkås

3 pups with Nay-La-Chee`s Cool n Rude Hex








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