Nay-La-Chee`s Chill Out Misty *Bessie*

Born 02 Buff colour Brown eyes medium sized

Bessie lives with Frank Guldberg  and Nina Iversøn and I will have one litter out of her
Bessie has run in lead since she was young. Very fast trotter

Eyechequed and gonioscoped clear by Kristin Lange march 05

1AK, 3VK, CK, 4BTK   NSHK Spesciality 04 judge Ralph Cambell

NSHK winterraces 05 sprint  12 km x 2  6 dog class NR 4
NSHK winterrace 06 sprint  18km x 2 8-dog NR2
Hamar TK Påskeløp 12km  Nr 1


Frank Guldberg with Bessie left lead

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