Noia is an ideal housedog, calm, relaxed and vell behaved
But once harness is on she transforms into a frenetic rubberlegged  I don`t know what.
The jumping is a bad habit and a waiste of energy of course, beside she is a real pain to co-lead with! On these pics, its her mother who mostly have to endure her....
But one can`t help getting amused looking at the photos of her, or what?

skjerva1.JPG (31604 byte)    skjervahopp2.JPG (28204 byte)
skjervahopp3.JPG (36704 byte) skjervahopp4.JPG (35665 byte)
langberget2.JPG (33218 byte) strekkhopp.JPG (40387 byte)
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noia_blackyhopp.JPG (32956 byte) blackinoi2.JPG (23129 byte)
imaihopp.JPG (20397 byte)
paarygg.JPG (58252 byte) Time to relax!