Snoki is the first dog I own of another breed than Siberian Husky. They are in the same familygroup of dogs, primitive spitz breeds,both from Siberia,  but are different in many ways.
Snokis close relatives are born and live in Yakutskregion, the worlds coldest inhabitated place. Wintertemps in the 40ths belowe zero are quite common
Snokis parents are both russian, but her mother was sold to Finland in whelp.
Snoki is a a fun, smart, naughty furbundle. She is a foodhog indeed and learns really fast. That doesn t mean she allways listen:) She IS a polardog, espescially outside when she scent something.
She is really into using her nose, and we have tried some tracking and will do more of it.
Main difference from the sibes in daily  life is her barking. Yakutians prone to bark much more than siberians, some little, some moderate, some a  lot. Snoki is a guarding dog when it comes to her barking habits. Inside or when we are not at home she hardly makes a sound. And when she barks, there IS something around.And it takes a while before she thinks the job is done.She never barks in the air
Exept for that, she is a very calm and quiet dog  in the yard, and overall quite calm.
So far she is relatively submissive and gets along well with the sibes, some jealousy issues with those low in rank. She is kind to small dogs and pups. Even though barlking when someones appear on my land, she is friendly to people and like to be petted.
She is not at all a shy or scared dog, but a sceptic! New environments she conquers well, but are sceptic to lawn movers, vacumcleaners and other suspiscious things with lloud, strange sounds.)
Her coat is odorless and soft- shedding like an muskox:) I will make yarn from it one day.

She was not at all into pulling in harness at the age I usually harnessbrake siberians. She refused to run. That was the sceptic in her too.
But after given time she loves to run in the team. Bit more unconcentrated than the sibes, as her nose is allways in alert, but she does a descent job.
Snoki has a sound build with fluid movements and she is very strong. Her matchweight is around 23 kgs

Snoki has charmed many people allreaddy, with her diabolic face, soft fur, cool ways, and of course her partytrix!  Looking forward to her future!

EYES: Eyes clear, gonioscopy (PLA)  mild
AD: 00
BAER: ++
(Hearingtest, normal hearing both ears)


some of Snokis trix

pics from training Saskia Van Es and Annjonette Friberg