Yaara is my keeper from my first yakutian litter. She is in upper size, weighing 23 kgs. I chose her as she had the absolutly most outgoing,tailwagging,soscial temperament of the pups and she still has those traits.She is also well buildt with fluid stride. Ears run in the family!
But she was also the only pup that made quite some noise and that stuck with her too... She has no guarding tendencies, but is a watchdog. And alert on more things than her mother, besides having an ugly voice. Outside my properties she is quiet and well behaved.
She loves all people and is very attention seeking. Love cuddles.Also loves water. Submissive and nice behaviour in the pack.
Extreme apetite!
In the team she works okay, but loose concentration over birds or exiting smells in the forest. So I did not try her in lead. She usually wears booties as she is icing easily.
Since she loves to use her nose in the forest, we have attended 2 bloodtrrack classes and will do this more.

AD: 0
LTV:LTV1 (registered by Incoc)
EXC AK 1AKK Stangehallen 23 Judge Per K Andersen
EXC AK 2AKK NKK Sandefjord 23 Judge Phil Thomson