Ulu is the weirdest little dog. Tiny size, not the best build, but not the worst. A bit round, staring eyes (wich is something I dislike on polardogs...)
But such a cool, funny, cuddly charmer! No other dog I had have laid on their back on my lap, eating pig ear holding it like an otter hold a shell:)
She works really hard in harness and like speed, so she makes up for her tiny size.She can run in front too, but is not trustable if its game in the ditches!
Together with the other 3 youngest dogs they have a lot of fun together in the yard. Playing a lot. Ulu has an extreme metabolism and gets fat just looking at food.
She is overly soscial and get along with the other dogs. But she don t accept unfairness. Ulu makes me laugh quite often!