Kolyma is a 24 kg big (couple of cm oversize) goofy, funny charmer that I adore. A lot. Well buildt with  solid bones  and quite eye catching!
He is sweet to both people and dogs, and love attention. Also he like to lie in my lap when he is inside.
He is not a high intensity dog in harness, but work very well, also in lead (exept when there is females in heat behind him) and is very good at lining out before start. He have prey drive, and sometimes catch mice or disappear off trail as we go along. He has moderate apetite. He is extremely aware of females in heat early and fast as lightning, have managed to breed more than once. Never had anything like him! He is a quiet dog, also when the females are in heat! Some whimping when the right days are on.-
He is smart too,and unlock the gates with nose and paws.
He has an extreme use of his legs for comunication:)

I love his temperament anyway,he is a joyful dog!


EXC JK 2JKK NSHK Spescialty 22 Judge Sally Leich