Jet black brown eyed male
Medium sized, light dog with fluid movements. Normal apetite. Non conflict dog
Soft tempered, submissive personality with a bit timid approach to life. Like the other Tamsinoffspring, they are a bit *different* , but very cute and peopleloving. Offlead mentality sibe.

Bark came back here when he was a year. He had showed no interest of being a sled-dog and were hiding and being afraid when training came up. Seemed he needed new environments and time.I am sooo happy he came back.

His progress has been very good and he developed into a trustable comandleader and are allways found in lead.He and his halfbrother Finn Otto live and work together

ExcAK 3AKK CK NPHK 12 judge Karsten Grønås
S AK NSHK 13 judge Arvid Gøransson
Exc AK NSHK 12 judge Ali Koops
Exc AK 2AKK CK NSHK 17 judge Mari Pajaskoski

2017 eye cheque clear. Gonio ? Dogweb says Laminae, Kongsengen called me and said he was clear from his notes...(a bit chaotic mobile eyeclinic
 2pups with Maggan at Snowstreams kennel Sweden 2018



Barks offspring at Snowstreams. Photo Ylwa Malmberg